• Electrical Design and Installation
  • Control Systems and Home Automation
  • Home Cinema design and installation
  • Lighting Control
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Aerials and Satellites


Putting it simply, we take care of anything with an electrical cable, from home sound systems to the circuitry in skyscrapers.

We are a team of dedicated electrical professionals with impressive skills and extensive knowledge from years of experience.

That's why we can offer the most professional services across the entire electrical services spectrum.

Committed to honesty and integrity

We are totally transparent and straightforward with our clients. We are realistic about their requirements. We don't over-specify and we are careful with our quotes. For us, there is simply no other way to do business but with honesty and integrity.

Always looking to the future

In the world of electronics, if you aren't looking to the future, it's easy to be left behind. All our engineers are passionate about emerging technologies. So, wherever possible, we deliver solutions that will adapt to new technologies and expanding requirements.

Call us to talk about how we can work with you

Don't hesitate to call us, even if it is only for a general chat. Our friendly team of consultants will be delighted to talk with you about working together with SMS. Call them now on 0845 519 8464 or email info@smselectrical.co.uk

SMS Electrical Services is a trading name of Southern Marine Supplies Ltd. Registered in England No 02807348

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