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The more you can control the lighting in a room, the more you can refine the room's mood.

Warm and inviting, bright and cheerful, intimate and alluring -- all moods are yours to command when you have the right combination of lights, placement and dimmer controls.

Read on to find out how SMS Electrical Services can design and install a system that will help you express yourself with light and create a range of moods in each room of your home.

Creating a range of moods in your living rooms

With the right lighting system, the mood in your living room can be whatever you desire: cosy and warm for reading; subtle and intimate for watching movies; bright and revealing when you're leafing through a magazine.

With SMS Electrical, the mood is entirely under your control. Like a painter daubing with light, you can even adjust the system to create gentle highlights in special places to bring out a painting on the wall, or to create a proud glow around a family photograph.

Cooking with light in your kitchen

Kitchens serve many purposes -- as family rooms, entertaining spaces and as the venues for creating your culinary wonders.

And sometimes your kitchen serves all these purposes at the same time.

At SMS Electrical, we understand the lighting required to help achieve a balance of moods for a variety of purposes in the kitchen. For example, workspaces and stoves can be brightly lit, while the rest of the kitchen can be rendered in warm tones so as not to dazzle your guests sipping cocktails at the island unit.

And when the cooking is complete and dinner is served, the lights can be dimmed and trimmed to create a sophisticated mood around your dining table -- a mood to put your guests at ease and make conversation flow.

Creating mystery and grandeur in your garden

When the sun goes down, let your garden come alive with lighting designed to intrigue and entice.

Trees, plants and garden sculptures can be lit to stunning effect, showcased like works of art in your own gallery of the night.

And if you happen to have a swimming pool, a skilful placement of lights can work an amazing transformation, turning the pool into a luminous and dramatic source of wonder.

SMS engineers can even upscale the lighting installation to include the exterior of your home itself, flooding the walls with carefully directed light, causing them to shine forth and welcome you home on a winter's night.

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