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Electrical Design and Installation.

You might be working on relatively straightforward project or you could be managing a large and complex multi-site construction project.

Whatever the project's size or complexity, at SMS Electrical we have the experience and expertise to give your project the very highest electrical design services -- from beginning to end.

Here's how.

  1. Getting it right from the start
    We'll take the time to ensure we fully understand your requirements, from the overall vision to the tiniest detail. Then, we'll work with you to develop the right solutions together. And, before finalising the designs, we'll liaise with your architects and project managers, taking on board all their requirements.
  2. Documenting the plan clearly
    To make sure that you and your team know exactly what is happening, we'll provide a full technical plan, showing positioning and circuit details. We use state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Design technology (CAD) to place the plan into the existing architect's drawing so that you can see how it fits into the overall scheme.
  3. Specifying all materials and costs
    To keep you in control of all materials and costs, we'll provide you a detailed specification of the plan. All estimates of products and labour costs will be shown clearly for you to review.
  4. Fitting in with your schedule
    To ensure everything runs according to schedule, we'll work with your project managers, architects and contractors, harmonising our installation schedule with the activities and timing of the overall project.
  5. Staying flexible just in case
    To make sure the unexpected is never unexpected, we'll be ready to adjust the plans if necessary. We understand that requirements can change and that unforeseen circumstances can arise on even the most tightly controlled projects.
  6. Delivering on time, in budget
    We'll move hell and high water to ensure we deliver on schedule and within agreed budgets. Over the years, we've provided electrical designs to clients working in some of the most testing environments. We've also worked with clients who have unique management hierarchies that require keeping multiple people updated on our progress. In all situations, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the work on time and in budget. And we can do the same for your next project too.

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To find out more how SMS Electrical can deliver the finest engineering services to your next project, talk to our team of consultants. They will be pleased to discuss the project and answer all your questions.

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