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Home Cinemas

Dim the lights, close the doors and pass the popcorn. The movie is about to begin.

It's the film lover's dream: The wonderful experience of being in a cinema in your own home with a big screen, amazing sound and subtle lighting to create a true cinema ambiance.

Not just movies either, but TV, video games, holiday snaps, anything you want to watch or play can be screened in your own home to friends and family.

And with help from SMS Electrical, you can make your home cinema dream come true.

Tailoring the cinema to your home.

Home cinemas are rightly regarded as the pinnacles of home technology solutions. They bring together audio, video, lighting and control technologies into one integrated experience.

Many steps must be taken into account before a home cinema can be installed. Careful consideration is required to plan and design the system and there are many industry guidelines and practices that must be taken into account.

At SMS Electrical we have the experience to make home cinema installation a smooth process. We'll ensure all the proper guidelines are observed and use only market-leading technology to produce a unique and bespoke solution for your home, an optimum viewing experience without compromise.

Awesome sound, just as the film makers intended

Most people think that it's the moving images that make a cinema experience so absorbing and involving.

But true movie lovers know the real secret: it's the sound.

Think of some of the most compelling scenes in movies: the battles in Star Wars with the fighters screaming across the screen; or the soaring orchestra in Out of Africa that sweeps you out of your seat and onto the vastness of the great African plains. Think of any movie that really moved you and you'll find that while the images were wonderful, it was the sound that worked the magic.

At SMS Electrical, we'll give your home cinema the big cinema sound.

We start by using only the very finest sound systems by renowned makers such as Steinway & Lyngdorf and M&K Sound. Then our expert engineers install the system so that it will reproduce, the rich, full, multi-directional sound that the best movies deserve -- just as the film makers intended.

What factors must be considered?

We'd love the opportunity to speak with you in person about your home cinema. Here are just a few of the areas we'll cover during the planning.

  • Room selection and layout
  • Interior design
  • Cinema Lighting
  • Audio Visual

We're ready when you are. So call us for a quote

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