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Control Systems and Home Automation

Total control of your home from your smart phone or tablet.

Once it was only imaginable in the movies -- the kind of technology possessed by an evil genius, such as Blofeld, the super villain in the James Bond films.

Now, total control of your home from one device can be yours too, without a plan to conquer the world.

Configure your entire technology domain with SMS Electrical

Our experts can help you establish the control you require for your home or your business. They know everything there is to know about setting up Control Systems (or, as they are also called, Home Automation systems).

They can integrate all the the technology in your home or business so that it can be controlled from one device such as a tablet, smart phone or a wall mounted touchscreen.

Lighting, music, televisions, access control, CCTV, security alarms, heating, ventilation and air conditioning can all be switched on and adjusted from your choice of devices.

Access from anywhere in the world.

Once your Control System is set up, you can access it from anywhere in the world. Turn on the heating as you drive home on a cold night; bring up the monitors inside your property in the USA to see what's going on. With the right Control System, the power is in your hands.

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