M & K

The Choice of Filmmakers, Musicians and Broadcasters.

For over 40 years, M&K Sound has set the standard for high resolution music and movie audio.

The world's most eminent musicians, singers, producers, directors and engineers working in hundreds of film, music, broadcast and postproduction studios worldwide, all choose M&K Sound loudspeakers.

And of course, M&K also make their loudspeakers available for home sound systems and home cinemas too.

The famous M&K S300 Series.

Now larger and louder than ever before.

Ambitiously engineered to go larger and louder than ever before, the Miller & Kreisel S300 Series is the natural evolution of our iconic S150 monitor. The S300 Series is the first ever M&K Sound product to carry our new reference logo Miller & Kreisel.

A client list of Hollywood’s most famous names.

M&K Sound loudspeakers are used by the world's finest filmmakers. Take a look at the star-studded lineup below.

  • Warner Bros
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Universal
  • Paramount
  • Dreamworks
  • HBO
  • Skywalker Sound
  • Disney
  • THX
  • DTS
  • Dolby Labs
  • Sony Music
  • Lucas Film

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